Epilogue, Page 1

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In other news, The Meek sketches had a big update of Pages 37, 38, 39, 40 and today’s 41 and 42 will be up shortly. I’ll probably post the last three sketch pages tomorrow, wrapping up this chapter!! Rest of Dec will be spent building up a small backlog for the Meek site revival in January.

Tomorrow is the final page of Mare Internum!!!! X[_________] see you there.


  • Tim F

    Is that Devotion base at the bottom of the hill? Wow.

    Beautiful work. This is an amazing achievement and I really admire the scholarship that went into it.

    • Tim F

      Oh my gosh I just realized that I ID’ed the wrong artist. Now you know my reading habits! Sorry!!

    • shingworks

      I edited your post to preserve your honor XD

      And: it’s something. That hill is Ascraeus.

      • JJ

    • improbablybasil

      Could be lights and vehicles of a search party? Sent out after the radio contact. Mike and Bex originally had to drive towards Ascraeus Mons and accessed the lava tubes at the volcano’s base I think. Sooo, Devotion could be the viewpoint we’re looking from?

  • JJ

    The end is coming so fast, I can’t

    And this is quite a plume!

  • Nkosi Smith

    The tan background is back!

  • Archnemesis Goldenhair

    I’m seeing a mostly blank page with a small panel at the bottom, is something wrong on my end?

    • shingworks

      That’s what it’s supposed to be~
      While reading the negative space induces a stop/ pause, and then your eyes drags down the mostly blank page. On web it’s probably just confusing while you wait for the page to load, haha.

      • Sumgai

        That was my exact reaction! I had refreshed twice before I realized that the page was just short. >.<

      • Mdm Mango

        I am looking forward to hold the book in my hands – I will tip the paperpage several times just to reminiscence todays experience. :D

      • Archnemesis Goldenhair

        Ah, thank you. My phone hasn’t been loading things properly, so I was afraid it was me again.

  • Herp McDerp

    So is it correct to assume that the eruption destroyed the entire habitat/ecosystem? If so, that would be a tragedy — the lost lives and memories and history, and the lost opportunity for humans to learn from them. I’m the sort of guy who mourns when a library burns down; destruction of the habitat would be a dozen orders of magnitude worse.

    • Mdm Mango

      Me too, but think of it as a zoo, where animals are held to live, so that the species don’t extinct and we can “read” them, but are hold in an environment they do not belong.

  • Josiahb

    I just reread the whole story, I’m definitely going to order the book. The pacing is so much better read as one complete story.

    This is an incredible achievement and absolutely beautifully told story. So whose bought the movie rights?

    • Tim F

      Some critical character developments are probably un-filmable. THAT sequence, plus the opening five minutes, plus even Bex’s back story, are more euro-indie than Avatar, but you’d need a big studio budget to do it justice. I would 100% pay to see it though.

      • shingworks

        lol, Trying to imagine a big studio version… Battle scientist Mike and his robot sidekick Levi rampage through the underworld killing Wollarian clones in order to rescue Bex.

        • Tim F

          Michael, at the edge of the lava lake cliff: It’s over, processor-kore! Take my hand!

          Processor-kore, beaten and hanging to the crumbling edge by one T-rex arm: NEVER!!

          [Processor-kore lets go, falls, Mike runs away while lava blows off the cave roof behind him in the classic (some would say clichéd) Lethal Weapon long lens closeup shot]

          I’d still pay to see it

          • shingworks

            lol, the t-rex arms imagery is killing me. Also because if her little back arm/legs are the ones gripping the edge she’s probably on the ledge already

          • Edmund

            The big ones are the leggies; the little ones are the footies.

            Very scientific.

  • Jonas

    What was the total amount of time elapsed between Mike’s initial fall and the magma explosion? (Lava? Magma? I dunno…)

    • Charlsey

      Well… mike slept about 4-5 times and Bex had enough time to make her survival cave and work out the timings of the processor’s attacks on her so I’m gonna say 3-4 days. Difficult to tell exactly since he rested a few times without intention (leg pain and paralysis fish) then probably more regularly from hunger and recovery of injuries.

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