Interlude 1, Page 6

Letterboxed panel, you know what that means… That’s right, start of Chapter 2!! X[________] I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’ll be updating 2x next week since the cover doesn’t count, haha. I am not quite out of the woods with my ridiculous dayjob workload yet but once I am we’ll be back to 2x a week as often as possible.

Thanks for reading and see you next week~ I’m really excited

Today’s late bonus art: ???

And the Facebook has been updated with the scanty incentives from last month as well! Cheers


  • DukeBG

    Here’s a TWC link in the comments for voting convenience (because i’m a rebel).

    • shingworks

      lol nuuuu… I feel bad when I don’t have new things posted there T__T

      • Corbie

        New page is new. And posted too. *click* :)

      • shingworks

        Haha okay I posted something

  • Graypath

    I really love the water in the last panel. The bubbles, waves, sun rays and light gradient are just exquisite.

  • Prim3

    Hi! I just started reading this comic recently (saw a post from io9, I believe), and I wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying it. The art, the writing, the pacing, the mystery – it’s all been awesome and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next! Thank you, sincerely, for making this.

  • Maria S.

    Beautiful colors in that last panel!

  • Aw man, Mike’s expression in the first panel! I love it so much :)

  • Tomás

    I hope he doesn’t diiiiiiie :”'(((((((((((((((((((

  • Jojo

    Great panel there. The coloring is beautiful.

  • Localized

    If we ignore page 4 then everything is fine. fine fine fine. :(((

    • shingworks

      Lol, you can just glue those pages shut in the printed version

  • Luces

    Last panel: Pure Hockney. Love it so much!
    Also, your child molester isn’t simply a monster. Quite to realistic. I’m very glad that we return to the wastes of mars…

    • shingworks

      I love Hockney :D and I’m glad too, been waiting a long time for this!

  • Spav

    In another context, that would just be a panel of a kid doing a sweet cannonball.

    In the actual context, it contains enough symbolism and poignance to yield a decently-sized essay. Maybe not quite on the same level as the one I wrote in eight hours after downing a pot of lukewarm coffee and putting Don’t Stop Me Now on nonstop loop (that one was solely responsible for me passing senior year English, and is my finest work, born of a Freddie Mercury/caffeine trance), but an essay nonetheless.

    • Jojo

      That is an absolutely fantastic essay writing method.


    Okay, 2 pages ago, you were considered.
    Last page, you were a contender.
    NOW, you win the award for Most Disturbing Webcomic sequence!

    Congratulations. I’m suing you for my therapy expenses.

    • Now, now…if you have a nice little bike ride EEEVERYTHING will turn out fine.

  • Chiyo

    Can’t wait for Chapter 2!!
    Can anyone help me out with the significance of Mike’s nose changing shape? Is it meant to show a time skip?

    • loor

      my theory is that it represents mike gathering pain, hardship, and emotional “weight” over time.

      perhaps it has a time component, but i would say it’s more in the sense that he is possibly remembering this scene as an adult (as opposed to this interlude happening in real time) and maybe the way der-shing has drawn it is meant to imply this is how mike remembers that day.

      that’s just my interpretation, though.

    • Vert

      He told a lot of lies.

  • Jack

    The cannonball at the end could be viewed as the boy diving back from his childhood state into the present, where he is actually falling- the closed eyes because the present is… not a nice place for the boy. The “Are you watching? I’m watching” suggests that the paedophile just wants to see the cannonball because it’ll attract him physically, but the boy is just showing off (And how have I forgotten the main character’s name? *facepalms* Anyway, as always great comic, suggesting more than it shows ;-) Keep writing, and I will keep reading with pleasure

  • Infinity1201

    Lets ignore those other pages and admire that sweet pool design..Like wow if that pool was a person I’d date it. And they we’d have tiny kiddie pool babies..Okay I’m done.

    • Windwalker

      Wouldn’t your comment make you a “pool-iphile”? >rimshot<

      • Infinity1201

        You didn’t..

  • brumagem

    No Brian you’re supposed to be a villain, stop saying things a decent father might say.

    (I love this comic, Shing)

    • Tadrix

      Oh, but he’s totally saying these things just to make Mike turn his thoughts to something else. How would it look to some bystander? Silence, crying boy? Not good. So Brian suddenly remembers something other, totally unimportant to him, but apparently important to Mike… why, boy making cannonball in the pool is totally acceptable, besides, noises it makes are totally normal for pool activities. Much better than silence.

      Oh, and I should totally stop using word “totally”. It’s used totally six times in this post.

    • Reikenbach

      It’s entirely possible to be abusive towards someone while still caring about them and/or showing affection. Doesn’t excuse the abuse, but it’s rarely as black and white as people would like to believe.

  • I can’t begin to convey my respect for you and this comic. Before The Meek, I didn’t really care much for comics; but I got kinda a little addicted to that. I’m super glad you’re continuing that, and I absolutely love MI. I’ve just gotta say, despite what anyone says, you’ve handled all of this heavy, dark shit in a way that is really well done. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Steelbright

    I’m in love with the last panel. I could probably say more, about the feelings and themes and ideas behind it and everything, but…that’s really it.

  • Wow, really been enjoying this comic. The art is awesome and the writing is crazy good!

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