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  • Jess

    I love how you are able to show what is on his mind in these panels with your choice of angle/perspective.

  • fox-orian

    Behind that door: Cricket explosion reaching critical mass

    • Libs

      im from the future, but every time i read your comment i lose my mind

  • Alexandra

    Is he really her uncle or is she just calling him that because he’s an older guy?

    • shingworks

      Calling someone Auntie or Uncle is something that some Nigerians (or people from other areas in Africa) may do when respectfully addressing an older person… They are not related, haha.

      • Happy

        As one of the /many/ people who share this custom (I assume you do as well? aunty/uncle honorific for life!), I would also like to add, for everyone’s benefit: you know you’re old when the younger generation is intimidated enough to call you aunty or uncle.. XD Poor Mike (although he’s probably lucky enough that the cultural baggage eludes him)

        • shingworks

          I didn’t know this was a thing before researching! I love it though, I don’t know if there’s a real equivalent in typical American slang… “sir” and mister” seem so formal by comparison, though “ma’am” comes kinda close.

          • Ceceoh

            I was raised to say “sir” and “ma’am”. It always annoyed me when people would joke about the term making them “feel old”. They were old! Now shut up and take your honorific.

          • Lil' Dow

            In India it is very common. I absolutely love how this is included in the comic.

          • Elm

            Probably known by now, but I just wanted to point out that the honorifics Uncle and Auntie, are normally used when there’s perceived to be a clear age gap. I’m not Nigerian, but I am Ghanaian and practically call everyone Auntie or Uncle. The cultures is definitely carried on regardless of location (I live in London). And is considered very disrespectful to call an elder by their name. For instance, my friends parents are Auntie’s and Uncles to me. (Growing up this was confusing, I’m sure little me thought we were all related).
            Generally toddlers would end up calling me Auntie since after the age of 17. But children around 10-11 would just call me by name. I’d say it gets used when there’s a 10-15 year gap. So you are no longer the same age group or generation.
            I do find it humorous when I call people around the ages of 60+ Auntie or Uncle, and they are flatted because they considered themselves to be Grandmas!

        • shingworks

          And yeah he would probably kill himself (more) if he knew how old other people think he is XD

      • Meran

        I’m not Nigerian, but most of us brought up in the 50s, called our neighbors Mr or Mrs, but our parents’ close friends were Uncle Bill or Aunt May (depending of course on their names.) It gives honorary family status.

        No one does that anymore. I think it’s a loss

        I’m glad to see some cultures still have that.

    • Alex

      Huh? When did she call him Uncle?

  • Ooh. The residential area’s circular.

    • shingworks

      Both habs are (there was a top-down of the hab with the kitchen a few pages back), I am just lousy at drawing interiors, haha.

      • Yeah but you draw scenery with the perfect amount of detail, frankly. I can’t tell you how many times I see people try to cram as much detail as possible into their backgrounds instead of essentializing their designs. It can really detract from the visuals. Like, all the backgrounds I’ve seen so far in the comic have been handled absolutely perfectly. Great level of detail, they feel stylized, nice lighting colors, and well chosen angles.
        Essentialized details and IMPLIED detail? That’s my JAM.

        • shingworks

          Shut upppp you can’t say that to me -__- you’re the enviro master. I’m all about focusing detail density where it’s needed, but when it comes to technical skills mine are at the lower end of the spectrum (I use you as a litmus). I’m taking an enviro class from CGMA this semester though so we’ll see if that does anything, haha.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Mare Internum has art that I appreciated for it’s quality immediately, but I thought, “I’ve seen this guy somewhere else…”
    That’s a thoughtful touch that their doors open different ways, but even more the vast internal sea, and a cliffhanger that started on the first page. Wonderful stuff!

  • Nony

    Can’t a guy just….REST IN PEACE?

    …I’m sorry. I’ll see myself out.

  • toaster

    Der-Shing, ur back!! it is a pleasure to see ur bee-ootiful art in comic form once again.

  • Kittenears

    I just can’t. I love his grumpy face. I want to be his friend and ask him a million questions and he’ll probably only tolerate me because I bake excellent cookies and knit great socks (handknit socks are So Much Comfier) but that face.

    that face.

  • Mal

    Nice framing with the rope on panel 3. Visual storytelling!

    • shingworks

      Thank you!

  • Peter Sadlon

    Of course he can’t tell her what he’s thinking. They’ll try to stop him. Trouble is coming up with what to say that’s not an obvious lie but gets you off the hook until you have the opportunity to do the deed.

    • Peter Sadlon

      And yes I’ve considered suicide at one point, scared me into getting help (as it was so unlike me). I’m more morbid (passively wish I wasn’t born or wish I’d cease to be/disappear) than suicidal.

  • Eiram SSayc

    his face in that last shot is too perfect. the epitome of someone completely done with all these distractions.

    i’m kind of in love with Bex. cricket farming sounds so adorable.

  • Vert

    He probably doesn’t want to mess with crickets. He’s a neat-freak, crickets in large numbers are extremely messy. They probably give him the jibblies.

    Yes, I’m sure that’s all it is.

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