Chapter 1, Page 19

The cave thing…

Bonus Vote art: uh…

Additionally, people made some very nice fanart recently!!! This beautiful piece by Annaspath, and a lovely sketch by Blue-ten… I had to give these a dedicated mention here because they made me so happy :]

Okie dokie, see you Thurs!


  • Lilian

    I may as well join in on the commenting fun.

    Love The Meek. Liking Mare Internum. Your warm, expressive, anatomically believable style is wonderful.

    I like the way Bex’s Nigerian accent/vocabulary gets stronger when she is startled. It’s also good to see Mike actually *reacting* to her display of exasperation. Hehe, he actually shrinks down in front of her.

    It’s not so good to see the manic look in his eyes. Poor fellow.

    • SotiCoto

      Gotta envy people who can realistically portray multiple cultures like that…

      Pretty sure it isn’t as easy as is made to look.

  • RudeDude13

    Wow, Mike, ruuude! }X )
    Talked with a woman a lot, and then asked what her name was…

    • SotiCoto

      Names are just designations. Poor excuse for a unique identifier. No more important than you let them be.

      I’ve interacted with people for years before without knowing / remembering their names… and without them even being aware that I never used them.

  • Wren

    I never got to see that kitten bonus artwork. TWC kept showing the previous sketches when I voted :(

    Panel 5 is the best thing ever BTW. Love the thumbbeams.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, TWC did some server wrangling and lost a day or two of data :/ But I’ll be posting all incentive sketches to Facebook at the end of the month, so you can catch them there if you missed any :)

  • gotlandskorv

    Aww Mike being all excited (or excited for being him at least) for once :’)

  • Oh, God, se la está ganando xD (“The man has it coming”, I think is the best translation.)

    And those fanarts are both great! Beautiful colours in Annaspath’s!

  • grenli

    Bex reminds me of one of my cousins. I love her so much with each page.

  • DukeBG

    I just love the page. Well, keep loving all of them, to be fair.

  • I’m really enjoying all the shots of Mike with his face half-obscured. He’s definitely not all there

    • DukeBG


  • Glenn-o-matic

    I can only guess at the story, so everybody gets the benefit of doubt ’til proven otherwise. Bad communication just happens sometimes.
    So there are cats on Mars. =)
    The Meek and Mare…? PLEASE be careful not to overextend yourself!

  • dov


  • Vert

    “He smiled with a curious kind of manic joy… He had a major piece of unfinished business that he would now be able to attend to, and was terribly pleased that life had suddenly furnished him with a serious goal to achieve.” – Douglas Adams.

  • Brian

    As somebody who’s terrible about associating names with people until I have more context (beyond just a brief introduction), I love the “what’s your name again.” Awkward, but I’ve been there so many times…

    • shingworks

      Hahaha, yeah me too. Also people tend to introduce themselves like, once, how is anyone supposed to remember that.

    • Premmy

      haha, i also forget names a lot ^^

  • Unclever title

    It always helps to have people believe in you. Almost makes you think there just might be a reason to maybe believe in yourself.

  • AGillyo

    This exchange is just too cute! Gosh, I am loving this comic more and more with every page…

  • Matthew Saint

    I love the radiance around his thumbs-up.

  • Oly

    Haha, Mike reminds me of myself in a bad way – I never remember names unless I FOCUS on remembering them so I walk about not knowing names of new acquaintances for an awkwardly long time (I hope none of my uni classmates are reading this comment).

    And there’s something really unsettling about the way he asked about the kids. I like to think it won’t be as morbid as I suspect but my thoughts keep coming back to the first pages… D:

  • Oh man, I’m totally loving this comic so far! These characters are simply too precious! Keep it up! :D
    Though, I feel the first panel on this page would be even more effective if the panel had the entire row for itself, so that she really feel alone for a moment before Mike pops back in. But I really love the flow of the comics you make!

  • Aaron

    Just stumbled on this while looking for more art styles to learn new techniques from, and fell in love. Your pacing is really smooth and I really dig your expressions. Reminds me of TJ and Amal a bit.

    Much love, and keep up the good work. I’m looking forwards to seeing what’s in the cave!

    • shingworks

      Thanks! If you like this comic, you’ll also probably enjoy my other comic The Meek. Thanks for reading!

  • Ren

    Haha, I love the comedic timing of this one. The last panel still has me grinning.

  • Shanunu

    “Abi” oh gosh I’m in tears.

  • Gangerworld

    Abi is a Yoruba expression that roughly means something like “Come on!” or “Really?”, “Seriously” “For Realz?” stuff like that.

  • Maria S.

    Bex’s eyes seem a tiny bit off in that fourth panel; intentional maybe? Lazy eye?

    Love this comic, btw. This is my fourth or fifth time reading it through, though this is the first time I’ve read all the comments as well. Really enjoying the discussions and insight. I’ve discovered details I would have otherwise completely missed had I not checked out the comments.

    • shingworks

      Haha, you’re right, no it’s just me not doing a good enough job. I’ll make a note to nudge it over.

  • water in the dirt

    Aw, he suddenly has a little something to live for :)

  • beebeegum

    Omg as a fellow Nigerian I am in love with this character.

  • aha

    I could *hear* her voice in that panel!

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