Chapter 2, Page 11

Happy Labor day, US folks! I hope you are spending your day relaxing in the sun and not doing what I am doing (sitting in a dark room desperately working on 15 things at once haha).

Speaking of labor… we reached a new goal on the Patreon, unlocking an extra two updates this month! So that’s one extra MI update and an extra TM update. HOWEVER this part of the comic probably needs to go faster than that, so I’m likely updating MI 3x this week. So check back Weds for a transition page and later on for the real bonus page.

Will also be sharing the $10+ Patrons of the month this week, so if you are one of those you’ll be getting an email (and some laurels on the sites) from me soon!

Today’s bonus art: redrew panels many times, as usual; this is one of those trashed panels


  • Holy f*** THAT GOTTA HURT.

    Err, sorry.

  • band

    everything in this page was completely unexpected and i’m super happy about that ;_;

  • JJ

    Wow, he really hates Amorous Thighfish.

    • shingworks

      We have not yet begun to thighfish

      • Joel

        Oh my…this was foreshadowing, I now see, but I had no idea what amount of thingfish was on its way.

  • Lilian

    Don’t hit your compound-fractured femur with a rock, Mike.


    Mike, stop.

    • ItThing

      I believe that is his right fist.

      • Lilian

        I just realized this. You are correct.


        Don’t punch your compoundly-fractured femur, Mike.


        Mike, stop.

  • Jake L.

    Hey, robot legs are cool too.

  • Looks like Mars tech isn’t frothy pink sputum-proof

  • Draug


    That made me cringe yeah okay yeesh.


  • fsjd

    uh Mike, that’s not how you fix that. that is how you lose the leg. and you are about to wish very VERY much that you did not just do that.

  • Localized

    What was he even trying to do by hitting himself? Does he even know?

    • Bellar

      Well, he’s either trying to pass out from pain or put himself back together.

      • LostYooper

        I think its a 50/50 chance of either of those.

        • roxy

          “Just STOP”

          “wait, that worked! hell yes!”
          *Mike proceeds to do a little jig*

          • CosmicStresshead

            Once again I find myself wanting a ‘like’ button on comments :)

  • Jojo

    Wow! Oh my gosh.

    I mean, it makes sense. It seemed like it was coming. This swing back. Its reminiscent to the swings I’ve encountered in some of the children I work with. Stuff boiling up from under the surface.

  • Lar



  • Karyl

    His self-hatred is pretty amazing and disturbing–boy, that’s no way to realign anything, Mike! So sad for this man, and whoa, what an atmosphere!

  • Infinity1201

    *sigh* That’s NOT how you fix a femur MIKE..

  • msouth

    Ha ha! He thinks the wrist thing is trying to give him a reason to stay alive, since he couldn’t get out his last message. Awesome!

    • Vert

      He’s doing science and he’s still alive…

      still alive…

      still alive…

      • Aperture Science~

        we do what we must
        we can~

        • Minetruly

          For the good of all of us,
          Except the ones who are dead.

          • ProphetZarquon

            He just keeps trying, though he’s run out of cake.

    • Fridge_Logik

      Also: “Do you want to keep trying?”
      “Yes I want to keep trying.”


      • Jojo

        Thats what I think.

      • msouth

        OIC–less conspiracy, just a reinterpretation of the literal words…Occam says we should go with you. I always think of the most complicated thing first.

        I was thinking that it maybe even lied to him about the transmission not going, so he would think “crap, I have to survive long enough to get this data out, at least”, or whatever. But he could just be delirious and paranoid that, once again, someone is trying to ruin his death.

  • Captain-Delirium

    We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

  • zuzi

    yes, hit your COMPOUND FRACTURE that’ll make all your problems go away

  • Jordan

    So much NOPE!!! in the comic. Holy crap that’s gonna hurt.

  • Psudopod

    Everyone is talking about thighfish abuse, what I’m seeing is that… Ludicrous display of… I want to say schizophrenia? Paranoia, easily. I remember reading a story a guy wrote about his paranoid breakdown. He thought he was being hunted by the freemasons or something, and drove cross-country running away from the “clues” of their pursuit, a real tinfoil-hatter. He’d talk as he drove, and look for answers in passing cars’ bumper stickers and licence plates. Stuff like “where should I go next?” “Escape To Florida’s Beautiful Beaches!.” His story ended with him explaining that hes better now; he isn’t paranoid. The bad voices/influences have stopped. Now he just seeks the advice of the good voices, and goes on drives to see what the licence plates think. It reminds me of that. Attributing arbitrary dialogue to malicious or benevolent intelligent influences.

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