Chapter 2, Page 29

I suppose a straight line ~is~ the shortest distance between two points. And if you slip, possibly the fastest.

There should be an upswing in posting soon since my health is getting increasingly better for once! Getting back to more than 1x update per comic per week, so check back later ok?

And, the last month’s Patreon rewards are going out soon, and the next wallpaper (MI this time) will be up in a day or two. Thank you all for your support and readership in November, and if you got a reward for Dec, I’ll be doing my best to deliver all of the before the holidays.


  • Localized

    Glad to hear your health is improving! :)

  • The great Irish SUSPENSEEE


  • Something huge and oddly shaped appears in the background of the last panel; but I can’t figure what it is! Or maybe a Photoshop layer got lost.

    • shingworks

      I think Michael would be a lot happier if it was a lost Photoshop layer

  • Oddly

    That shadow sort of looks like an elephantman with a tiny hat on. Love this comic!

  • Cheri


  • Christian Harrison

    It’s Hammerhead Dude!

  • Ceceoh

    It’s Bex, with her shoulder and head friends.

  • Groo

    Oh, apparently Mike is being stalked by Martian Selknam (if you don’t know who they were, see a statue of one here at the Natural History Museum in Santiago, Chile -warning, mildly NSFW)

    • shingworks

      Oh I like that :D

  • Draug

    It’s Rudolph isn’t it.

  • alyeska39

    oh. OH. Y’know, I saw the thing in the final panel, but didn’t register that it was new until I read the comments.

  • The question is whether he went there for a swim, or just to sink :|

  • Spav

    Deadly fungusbeast?

  • Lorenzo


  • Dreampiper

    *spits water at panel five*
    Mobile Thighfiend?

  • Pylgrim

    Aw, so not big dive? Tsk.

  • JJ

    The moral of this story will be, don’t start space exploration until the laser gun is invented, right?

    • shingworks

      Oh boy… right now the moral could be a lot of things.

      “don’t be an idiot asshole”
      “don’t be an idiot asshole to newbie science friends”
      “carry a multitool!!!”
      “no roughhousing in the lava tubes”

      • LostYooper

        Other morals could be:
        “Don’t do your ex-boss any favors after you’ve been fired.”
        “Remember to work on upper body strength.”
        “Don’t sleep in strange places, when you wake up things tend to get weird.”

        • Vert

          Actually I’m pretty sure Mike had no intention of doing Goto a favor. He manipulated her desire to be an effective leader in order to get her to do something she would never ordinarily do, and he did it purely for his own purposes.

  • MechaBill

    Considering he was about to kill himself anyway, taking risks going down the slope doesn’t seem extrordinary. Besides, Mars has about a third of the gravity of Earth. It’s probably not as dangerous as it appears.

  • Vert

    It’s the creeping Martian Death Faucet! AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

    • shingworks

      goddamn it XD That’s all I could see too, lol

      • Aristatide

        Death Faucets of Mars! would be a great pulp title, though.

      • Android 21 3/7

        Is that going to be its official name now? Like thighfish/fungus/friend?

  • DukeBG

    on the first panel Mike is trudging throuhg something. I wonder, what?

  • tehbeefer

    Those can’t be stars, right? Bio- or chemi-luminescence then, I guess.

    Yeah, that’s pretty steep Mike.

  • Jojo

    Great to hear you are feeling better!

  • That’s a horribly mutated Bex isn’t it? :(

  • fox-orian

    Thighfriend’s mom. Lookin’ for thighfriend.
    Gonna make Mike a headfriend.

  • Ceceoh

    In the first panel, is Mike hip-deep in lint spiders? Or is he just comin’ through the rye?

  • Luces

    That’s so… Jules Verne! So much the pure fascination of discovering unknown realms, with just a creepy touch of Poe, as Mike doesn’t seem to notice – or care of – his slight additions. Or that mysterious apparations.
    Many thanks for a great story und so much blue!

  • ThisCat


    • Kisa

      Yeah, I’m done.

  • Antonia

    Glad to hear your health is getting better! If getting more than one update out a week is getting too hard, don’t worry. Your health comes first, and your comics are GORGEOUS. I don’t mind waiting for them.

  • Michaela

    Started reading this comic tonight and I’m absolutely hooked. Can’t wait for new pages aaaAAAHHHH!!

  • Kinomi

    Everyone’s talking about the ominous shadow, but I’m here still being sad about the limp thighfriend.

    • shingworks

      As you should be! The real hero of this story isn’t doing so well.

  • squidlifecrisis

    anybody ever read Bradbury’s “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed”?


  • Lar

    Ok this is why I need to slow down because I didn’t realize the change in the background!

  • Amadán Dubh

    Wow, that sure is a tall, dark, ominous shadow. Maybe it’s friendly!

  • DatDat

    For a minute I totally thought Mike’s hand melted into a… a… new friend… then I realized it was just his old dead friend… on his leg.

    • shingworks

      He’s carrying it :’]

      • sweet_gardenia

        ” Come on Mr. Frodo, I can’t carry it for you…but I can carry you! ” *heroic music*

  • Jac
  • addy

    i have no idea what that shadow in the last panel could be, but it already concerns and terrifies me. :|
    also i’ve been enjoying all the vibrant shades of blue in this sequence. so pretty!

  • Ash

    I’ve gotten so terribly attached to Mike. What have you done to me. 8’c

    • sweet_gardenia

      Thighfriend is terribly attached to Mike also.

      • Ash

        This is the best thing I have read all day.

  • TinTans

    Just discovered this comic, the art is amazing! The story is also so intriguing, I’m just bummed there isn’t more of it haha!

    I look forward to seeing more!

    • shingworks

      Thanks! next update is up later tonight :]

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