Chapter 3, Page 50

Okay and we’re back!

FIRST, something to make our lives a little more convenient, Mare Internum email updates


I’m glad I finally found a way to do this! I won’t use your emails for anything nefarious; just simple notifications as soon as the new pages is up. I post tumblr/ twitter/ facebook/ etc updates too, but this way you will be notified as soon as the page goes live at the random time of day I actually update. Here’s an example of what a notification looks like; just a simple link image and button. Hopefully this system works out okay for those of you who don’t like checking back every other day to see when I’m alive :]

Speaking of which, I’ve been realllly busy with Kickstarter things. Thanks for your patience as I spend many dollars and hours getting the 2,000+ orders packed for fulfillment. I can get back to work on comics a bit more regularly now that the book is through its final round of edits… it’s hard to let it go! Being a web artist, I’ve never had to commit to print before…not easy to say “okay now edits are done,” after years of surreptitiously retconning bad art, but I did it.

Since my life is a capitalist nightmare as of late, this month is giveaway month. Namely, of food!thrips.


Look at all these cute guys!! I will be giving 10 thrip stickers to MI readers this month! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment on the site sometime in October. I will be randomly selecting 10 comments at the end of the month… as long as your email is valid and I can reach you through it, I’ll be able to send one to you! I don’t care where you live, I’ll ship to anywhere. Just a little way to say thank you for reading :]

If you’re a $5+ Patron, you have an even better chance of winning a sticker or even original art from me! Same rules apply, just leave a comment anywhere on the site or participate in the naming contest, to name one of the daily crab drawings I am making for Inktober. You can find the details on that right here.

Oh, and also for Patrons, I also threw up a branding tutorial recently! As well as a wallpaper for yall $2+ folks. Getting back on track with updates, it’s a good feeling.

OK I have more to say but this update is getting long so I’ll shut up~


  • khadyah

    WHat about armshark’s friendly hors d’oeuvres you so ruthlessly knocked to the ground. Bet you regret that now, huh

    • shingworks

      you mean the canapés

    • Hagar

      If my memory serves me, he SMASHED one with his BARE HANDS. So rude.

  • CrisprChild

    First philosophy, and now he has the munchies. I wonder what exactly is in the atmosphere down there.

  • You’re back!
    Love this comic so much!

  • Also, I’ve been using to get Mare Internum text messages for a few months now. Cool option for those who prefer texts over e-mails.

    • Here’s the “recipe” if anyone else wants to get Mare Internum text updates.

        • shingworks

          Oh that is pretty cool XD Man you are all great at figuring out how to help yourselves… I should update the sidebar with a link to this as well.

          • msouth

            You have an awesome reader community. I know you know this, I’m just celebrating with you. :)

  • JuaSaysHi

    I use Feedly rss on my phone. When you update, the widget turns into the latest comic.

    • shingworks

      Yeah! That works as well. I have the RSS thing set up in the button on the sidebar but personally I don’t use RSS (even though it is the most reliable way to get a feed going), and don’t have much data on who does use it.

      • Roy

        I use RSS all the time. That way I don’t miss anything I follow. Some RSS readers are less friendly than others. Look around for one you like.

      • JJ

        I use it! My phone used to be able to notify me, that was neat.

      • I basically won’t follow a webcomic if I can’t use RSS. It’s too annoying to remember to check a link daily, and most things have RSS.

        (Note that there are some services such as Comic Rocket that will make an RSS feed for sites that don’t have one.)

        • corvideye

          exactly this. So convenient!

        • hkmaly

          If I can’t use RSS, I’ll let a script download the page every day and compare. I only give up on webcomics who change the page even when there is no new comic strip. But RSS is simpler.

      • David

        Yeah, RSS is a great tool that is super underutilized. I’ve been meaning to play with it more myself.

      • Pylgrim

        RSS for the win. It’s a must if you read more than, I dunno, 2 webcomics? (I keep up with around a hundred)

      • tlynnec

        I use RSS all the time too. it’s the most convenient way for me to track the comics I read (currently 126). Email is a nice option, but please don’t lose the RSS!

      • msouth

        You could consider altering the link you put into the feed to have a “?from=rss” appended to it or something and track that in your logs. I just did a quick test and it seems to resolve fine. Slightly lame mechanism but would not take much configuration.

        I also use feedly to keep up.

        • shingworks

          Oh good idea, I’ll see about that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Luces

    My, he’s even getting polite. Let’s hope he isn’t turning back psycho once he’s left the nourishing not-waters of mare internum!

  • Shakespizza

    “Hey, you`re not you, when you hungry” – wild snickers commerical appears

    • AGV

      -Michael, eat a Snickers(c).
      -Because when you’re hungry you open yourself and get philosophical. Better?
      -F*ck this place, I’m out.

  • Phantom

    I set up Facebook to send me a notification whenever your page makes a post, so that works for me! :) (because right now basically the only posts are of comic updates)

    • shingworks

      Oh that’s good! I didn’t know there was a way to get guaranteed notifications from FB; in the last few years they’ve made it really impractical for timeline notifications at least… Before it used to reach all subscribers but now it’s only a certain percentage unless I pay to boost it, which I’m too bitter to do.

      • ceceoh

        Don’t you give that greedy so-and-so a plug nickel, Der-Shing.

        • shingworks

          Oh never, I hate FB with a passion

  • Solanuma

    [cue for musical number “Martian Mealtime”]
    too bad this isn’t a Disney movie. I would have loved Kallas rap part!

  • Adriano

    “No, no, I’m not Hungry. I’m Michael.”

    • AGV

      “Didn’t know that humans had adjectives as names”

  • David

    Perhaps you can start by eating the eye fungus…

    Also, good to have you back, Shing. I kinda figured this would happen. There’s no human way to get that book done and keep up with updates. I am looking forward to receiving mine :-)

    • shingworks

      Haha, should be goodish now, but thanks for waiting. I was… me, basically, and decided at the last minute that I really wanted to put color holds on every page of the Meek print version, which ate 2.5 weeks. But now I’ve finally committed XD Hopefully it was worth it.

  • AGV

    Yaaaaay! You’re back!
    Yaaaaay! Update!
    Yaaaaay! Giveaway!
    So many “yay”s!

  • “Humans are such impratical creatures”

  • JF

    People can also subscribe to MI via RSS on Bloglovin’

  • TimesNewLogan

    Oh, thank goodness you’re okay! I was afraid something might have happened.

    Also, it seems his hope is rubbing off on our martian friend here. Amazing what a little hope can do!

  • And another huzzah for the return of Mare! (and DS! Three cheers all around!)

    I was wondering whether he was gonna start getting hungry, or whether Amorous Thighfriend was providing nutrition as well as oxygenation….

    (BTW: no hurry, but I’m gathering stickers to plaster over my upcoming new laptop. Would loooooove to be in the running for a sticky thrip!) (“Sticky Thrip” sounds like something you’d see on a badly translated menu of unknown lineage)

    • Bonnie

      Mike’s so hungry, he could eat three orders of “Sticky Thrips”!

      • ceceoh

        With a side of eye fungi!

  • Minutiae

    I’m kind of dreading why that’s a question. Should be not be hungry?

    • Asterai

      I think it’s just because he refused food before.

  • Luc

    Deep thinking always makes me hungry *stomach rumbling noises*

    • AGV


  • Skellagirl

    I’m so excited to hear about the books! :D I was one of the many backers, so I love to get all the juicy updates about how things are going, huehuehuehue. I bet they are going to be beautiful.

    Also Mike hasn’t eaten in like…… a long time, has he? But I guess adrenaline has a way of pushing that feeling out of one’s mind.

  • Min

    Third panel <3

    I use feedly to get my updates but that just means I check feedly every day for updates instead of the site so it doesn't really help with the obsessive refreshing…

    Looking forward to getting my copy of The Meek!

  • Jean-Philippe

    You have a Comic Rocket page, which is a creator friendly webcomic crawler. It’s really amazing to follow webcomics and it loads the full page so you have the ad money! It also have an Android app, but it’s not in the play store. Good stuff,even if the site runners seems less active than before.

  • tubs

    Lol this is why he should’ve eaten earlier on when food was offered. But he’s mellowing out a bit, which is good. He’s almost being– dare I say it, positive!

  • Alyssa Read

    Oh they’re becoming friends and it’s beautiful and…


    Or at least that’s what I’m thinking is going on in Kal’s head at the moment. Big alien space mom.

  • BB

    LOVE this comic! Updates are always a huge highlight of my day.

  • JJ


    (And is Kalla carrying Mike’s pants in the last panel? Or wearing them as a scarf?)

  • I’m not a very good commenter, but your thrip sticker giveaway has pushed me out of hiding =) I am, however, a big big fan of this comic and its fantastic story and gorgeous art. Thanks so much for making it and sharing it!!

  • Grums

    Silly Armshark! Pants aren’t a scarf!

  • Olivia

    I’m really looking forward to getting my copy of your book. Do you think you will ever do a print copy of MI?

    • shingworks

      Yeah, definitely! Aiming for sometime next year, given that I’m able to finish. If not, then 2018 for sure.

      • Min


  • John

    Hungry? Eat a thrip

    • AGV

      A blue one, not the usual (if they ever make it back)

      • John

        *burp* Uh yeah I hope they are safe and sound

  • josh fedman

    woo thrips!

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    Oh my gosh, I can just imagine little Kalla-kun cocking their head to the side like a puppy, non-existant ears perking up and saying, “Food? :3 Want food? I make food! I good at making food!” XD

  • Harbinger

    Somehow I feel like the whole “dream” bit was just a white lie to make Kalla feel better. That or maybe this whole situation isn’t what it seems.

  • Thrips in Space!

    >Are you hungry?
    Well, I DO have a digestive system, so…
    might as well use it, right??

  • Shakespizza

    -You are hungry?
    -Hungry, you’re a wizard.
    -Im a what?!
    -A wizard, Hungry.
    -But im just hungry!
    -No, you’re not c:

  • corvideye

    I love Kalla’s head-tilt!

  • Treeish

    YAY you are back, and I can get my MI fix…I do love this comic :D

    I am just fascinated with every panel of KK – she is such an interesting being and I am amazed at all the perspectives and views of motion you have done of her (or him? Was that ever settled somewhere?). Awesomeness.

  • Tambian

    Awww, Thrips are the best :>
    I’m excited to see how the kickstarter stuff turned out! My dad ended up participating for The Meek :D

  • virus3D

    Well he could eat anything down there, even if its only once ^~^

  • Jack

    having update emails = the salvation of 2016 tbh

    i adore your art so much, and this comic is always absolutely stunning.
    feed my smol son

  • Hela H

    Haven’t checked back on this in a while, looking so freakin’ awesome! Just to let you know: the archive page is broken for me, it’s only displaying the titles of the chapters without listing or linking to the pages of each chapter (unless it’s meant to be that way, in which case: don’t mind me!)

    • shingworks

      Oh shoot, thanks for letting me know! There was a comicspress update last night, that might have broken something.

  • Lawrence

    I use to keep track of all the webcomics I read! It’s been working fine with Mare Internum this whole time — it’s like an RSS feed, I guess, but just for webcomics, and I like the way that it only lists each comic once no matter how many updates have occurred since you last checked on it, and when you click a webcomic it’ll always take you to the first comic that’s new to you. I recommend it!

  • Phoenix Tabasso

    I love the new email idea! Now I dont have to check the comic every 5 seconds

  • ceceoh

    Panel 4: (cue fog and “La Marseillaise”)

  • zpsabre

    Oh my goodness those thrips are so adorable *_*

  • Arianwen

    Hey Shing, thought you should know the archive page isn’t working – it’s just the chapter headers, with no links or images. Maybe you know already but I thought I’d mention it.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, I’m aware, I updated a plugin and I think it broke the archives. It’ll be fixed as soonish hopefully~

  • Sharshak

    Oh, don’t eat thrip (°_°`)!!! I wish there are some vegetables for Mike to eat XD.
    And this thing on Mike’s leg might feed not only from blood. Mike would be already dead. Some sort of photosynthesis or does it eat something like Martian plankton?

  • UppityDragon

    I follow several online comics and usually I just quietly follow without commenting, but I love those stickers, they’re just so cute!
    This is one of my favourite comics because I love science fiction and your take on it is fascinating, combined with the amazing artwork, I just love Mare Internum!

  • David

    “wait. ur hungry??? why???”

  • Tino

    Such a nice world/idea.

  • Ninepins

    I never tire of looking at Kallakore. It’s like much the same feeling that I get from exploring a rich new world, created by nature or an artist.

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