Chapter 3, Page 51

Mike is kind of a dick even when he’s in a good mood, haha. Needs more GTI (good thrip influence) in my opinion

COOL NEWS, my bud Blue is Kickstarting her comic O Human Star.


You might have seen me mention it here and there as being one of my favorite webcomics… cuz it is. Certainly top three. If you like sci-fi with themes about identity, persistence of self, and lots of robots, you should definitely check it out (and maybe even snag some books while they are available).

Hanna on Twitter did a very cute Bex fanart, and asked a good question too! We’ll have to see about that… I also finally snagged a commission from the incredible Oxboxer, which is blowing my fucking mind pardon my french but holy crap. She is amazing, and you can look at more of her inimitable work on her Tumblr and Gumroad.

Cute Thrip stickers continue to be up for grabs to 10 random MI commenters this month :] Just leave at least one comment to get on a random list I’ll pick names from… Kinda fun to see some of you come out of the woodworks XD And as usual, lovely Patrons have an even better chance at winning both art and/or stickers all month long as well.

And again, Mare Internum email updates are a thing now~


You guys are full of interesting ways of getting your updates XD But I’m paying a couple of bucks a month to make it easy for anyone who wants simple inbox notifications.

OK back to work like usual :]


  • Fawkes Rinzler

    Oh my god, there are too many amazing things happening on this page…. Kalla contemplating cooking Thrip, Mike apologizing for ruining Kalla’s Dumplings, Mike calling Kalla’s species just “things”. XD

    But the “You crushed my dumplings” line… oh my god. XD It made my entire day! Thank you so much for such an amazing page that had me smiling so hard!!! This was exactly what I needed today!

    • shingworks

      never forget

      • Jac


      • David

        You never crush Kalla’s dumpling

  • I guess we’ll finally learn what Kallakore’s species is called…

    Hopefully Mike doesn’t screw it up like last time:

    • Linebyline

      Shame. I’ll miss calling them Armsharks.

      • HandwashBigpan

        Here’s hoping that becomes the common name in-universe.

    • Android 21 3/7

      Because of the typo, I thought you were talking about Kalla’s species being “Espy”…

      • shingworks

        “Espy” is a word! It means to spot or sight, and has a more formal tenor than “spy” does.

        • Android 21 3/7

          Huh. I learned a new word today!

        • Corbie

          Melikes Kalla’s elaborated use of language. Did they learn it from LEVi because he had a knack for it, or maybe Braid?

  • Luces

    Yes! Things only. Mike, don’t let her trick you into pretend you’ve got manners!

  • Luna

    It makes me so happy to see Mike smiling and genuinely joshing around with Kallakore. As someone who’s been through suicidal depression, I’m glad that he’s doing (temporarily) better, even if this is all just a dream.

  • Chip

    Oh man, thrip was playing them the whole time. Probably a spy sent by the controller or something.

    • strannik

      and then we’ll discover he is THE controller, in a “Dog was the mastermind” trope-fashionned !

  • neptune432

    Don’t be racist, Mike.

    • Shihchuan

      Or speciesist…..or planetist?

      Anyway, Mike, don’t be a d****

      • Shihchuan

        Arrghh one asterisk too many

        • Eversist


        • CosmicsStresshead

          …or was it

        • shingworks


  • Spoiler: Thrip was secretly the pilot of Levi all along. Levi was Thrip’s only means to communicate in a language others could understand. Since the destruction of its vehicle, Thrip has been frustrated as it can no longer express its feelings of wanting friends.

    • Sharshak

      Oh my God! Best theory ever XD

    • SotiCoto

      Since I haven’t paid much attention to the comments nor even the descriptive text under the comics on most pages so far, for a while I thought Thrip WAS the LEVi that was constantly being referred to… until the thing in the water was found and it was apparent that Thrip was something else…

    • AGV


  • Lynne

    Hohoho, very amusing indeed, BUT WHERE IS THE THRIP, DAMN YOU HELMER.

  • Sabrina

    Oh no it was DUMPLINGS Mike you had a chance and didn’t take it
    Also that commission from Oxboxer is STUNNING

  • Jack

    [cue Stranger Things gifs recaptioned so that parties shouting “Will!” are instead searching for “Thrip!”]

  • B N


  • Lilian

    You crushed her dumpling, Mike.

  • Asterai

    “If you like sci-fi with themes about identity, persistence of self, and lots of robots,”…

    Holy crepes I like all of those things why is this the first time I’ve noticed this comic thanks for the tip gotta go gonna go binge an archive now

  • jam

    thanks for reccing O Human Star, i just binge-read it (at the expense of my math hw unfortunately, but i can make up those points ;PP) and it’s … it’s amazing. there’s such depth of human emotion, it’s so well-written, i can’t wait for the next update.

  • Cheesus Crust

    Still wonder, can Kalla express emotions with her voice? Or she has monotone speech?

  • AGV

    Lots of good interactions! (kinda)
    But something tells me that something unpleasant awaits them at the top of that hill

  • Spav

    Agh! Friendly banter, my second-greatest weakness!

  • Becca

    Mike, are… are you *smiling*?
    It’s weird. But I like it.

  • charlesw81

    My immediate thought on Thrip’s “owner” is Dex

  • John

    I was ambivalent about canap├ęs but, now that we’re talking dumplings, I’m hungry!

  • DukeBG

    Thrip is the best. Don’t talk about eating the best.

  • MikeLinPA

    We don’t actually know that Kali is what the original martians looked like. Kali might be an artificially engineered construct designed to better survive the habitat down there. S/He might be a thing.

    • Royco Cup-a-Soup

      One of the earlier pages showed a flashback to just before the Martian exodus, including about three Armsharks with various hairstyles. If Kallakore is indeed a “thing”, then all the differences between her and the original Martians are internal.

      • MikeLinPA


  • Omer

    In my experience, I haven’t seen any Martian laugh. >_>

    • shingworks

      Don’t be a smartass Omer XD

  • MoGains Brewski

    Oh Mike, don’t call people things.

    • JJ

      Backup copies of armsharks qualify for personhood nowadays? Thanks Obama.

  • avas3000

    eating your pets is bad habit -__-

  • Aristatide

    So the Thrips are the MI equivalent of the Paunchy Perchers in Flight Rising:

  • Stickman

    I feel like the communities attachment to Thrip is what inspired some of the comments on this page, and I love it lol

  • TorgueRND

    Well aren’t we awfully saucy for an overgrown trash germ, Mike.

  • Mookmill

    Isn’t that just the way, though, if no one claims ownership, anything is up for grabs…especially when one is hungry.

    LTRFTC (Long-time reader, first-time commenter)

  • quiquaecumque

    I wonder how often Kalla eats. She seems pretty chill about the lack of food.

    • shingworks

      I think she ate while Mike was passed out the second time, she had little dishes already set out for her own stuff XD

  • Dan

    These colors continue to be amazing. I hope one day we get a MI book to match the Meek ;)

  • I just found this comic, and WOW! IT’S FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for the next update!!

    \(^_^)/ Keep up the awesomeness!

    • shingworks

      Thank you! And: next update in a few hours, yay :D

      • Vert


  • min


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