Chapter 4, Page 18

In with the new siblings, out with the flat siblings.

Small reminder, you can nominate Mare Internum as a webcomic you enjoy reading at the NPR comics survey. Would be cool to share the comic with more people who otherwise might not find it!

And, we’re finally getting out of this pink scene… time to go find that stupid Processor


  • Rev

    I love the way these guys talk. It’s very robotic but adorable.

  • Darcy

    “Roving systems: uncertain.”
    So what you’re saying is there’s no 4G available in the center of Mars? Bummer.

    I love the poor squashed sibling in the foreground. It’s just so sad with all those noodly legs sticking out.

  • typing....

    trying to reason that this ‘omnipotent’ processor ‘did not, but was created by the martians

  • Pylgrim

    Never thought I’d say these words, but I aspire to be more like a crabworm and I’ll endeavour to make it happen.

  • Bottas Heimfe

    wow. how… Mechanical… they really are just Organic robots, huh.

    • AGV

      Like a reverse LEVi

  • Fik of borg

    “Rebekah gained”?
    So, she is one of them now?

    • Felix Domestica

      She’s a recognized part of the system. Not integrated, but they have her biological pattern and are working on her psychology. And she has some understanding of the network.

      Of course the pronoun “they” is inexact, but…

  • J.A Kooistra

    I just watched Alien: Covenant. I think this web-comic would make a better movie.

    • shingworks

      Might be too slow for moviegoers XD But at least Mike is doing a good job of making decisions that lead to having aliens come out of your body

      • RedDwarfIV

        I bet Rebekah could defeat a Xenomorph infestation. It’d probably be fun to watch.

        Of course, it’s inevitable that another character will befriend a Xenomorph and she’ll end up killing it because she assumes its a threat.

        That is the way of things.

      • A wild person appears!

        It would be pretty awesome as a series with a budget, like on netflix or HBO.

      • J.A Kooistra

        I was with two friends. One of em is just a chill dude who just likes watching movies but me and the other guy were like muttering stuff like “Oh, bullshit, this is bullshit, that is bullshit, what are they thinking!?”

      • Edmund

        Honestly I’d be ALL FOR more space/sci-fi that dwells on something besides explosives and high-speed drama. I liked Arrival for this also.

        • shingworks

          Try the British series HUMANS! I just watched it the other day and it’s 100% my favorite sci-fi television I’ve seen in years. Like Westworld without all the over-dramatics… feels like a spiritual successor to I, Robot (book), I really enjoyed such a thoughtful tight character-driven story about speculative tech (no explosions either), haha. I’ll have to rec it in my next update too, I’m like so into it.

    • Bradford

      I want a montage of Mike wandering around caverns and crevices while his beard and sybiotes grow longer and larger.

    • Brian Paone

      I too would LOVE to see this on the big screen. Too many superhero movies and remakes. Not enough brainfood.

      This is brainfood.

  • DukeBG

    Filling in the NPR survey. Osht, nearly forgot!

    Submitted. After the entry It says, that there’s a cut-off deadline: 5pm EST on May 31. Well, it’s kinda late here (already june locally), I wonder what time is it in EST right now…

    5:04 pm

    Well, I tried.

  • Zach

    There is a cool thing and I AM TOO LATE!

    Other comics to post-

    Devoto: Music in Hell a Catholic-space alien Yaoi featuring the ideas like ship of Theseus.

    Autophobia high school, schizophrenia, chast BL (I don’t think they’ve even kissed yet, it’s secondary.)

    What it Takes postapocoliptia by someone who understands sociology.

    (Nope, finished in November)Broken telephone: everyone is someone else’s villain, mostly by accident.

    Not Drunk Enough repair man is trapped in a laboratory that’s gone all H. P. Lovecraft. It’s fun.

    Others can be posted, but they haven’t updated this year!

    What does everyone else like

  • Jenny

    lost a bro, gained a ho(mo sapiens)


  • Puff

    omg my heart just broke a little T_T

  • Lilian

    Wow. One of the biggest philosophical/theological questions tackled in this page right here.

  • May

    “Rebekah gained.” I love that so much.

  • beebeegum

    Oya, now! You Wan delay, abi?!

    • Deb

      ahahaha I love seeing other Nigerians in the comments XD

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