Chapter 4, Page 20

You believe in a world where the powers-that-be only want to help, right? guys?

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  • Vert

    I believe that the processor only wants to help.

    I’ve also read enough science fiction to know that just because something wants to help doesn’t mean it’s good, friendly, or has any plan to allow you to reach *your* goals.

    Also, LEVi is too new and too optimistic to be relied upon for subjective assessments of personality.

    I remain deeply suspicious.

    • Lilian

      Quite a lot of crap has gone down thanks to those who only want to help…

      I agree. LEVi is much too optimistic. Maybe he’s right, but plenty of wariness is warranted.

  • Jason

    I totally want to buy your book but I don’t have a credit card. Would it be possible to buy only the softcover book with paypal?

    • shingworks

      Sure! shoot me an email at [hello at shingworks dot com], and let me know where in the world I’d be mailing your book to, and I can get back to you :]

  • HyruleSymbol

    Oh god we’re saying that LEVI was actually sapient and had wishes, it’s gonna be a steep contrast for Mike who now feels like LEVI’s are mere machines and are rigged to control them

    • lou

      It’s possible that LEVi’s new thrip physiology affects his mental processes. I would find it plausible that he was “just” an almost-sentient AI, but having been uploaded to wetware is what gave him a proper conscience. And of course he’s in no state to assess a posteriori what he _used_ to feel before he became what he is now.

      • HyruleSymbol

        Yeah, definitely the whole “I think therefor i am” paradox thing, you could’ve been created a second ago and just start with all the memory, and you’d never know, and also on what it means to be sapient and conciouse

        This comic is probably one of a handfull of comics that makes the reader think of thees concepts by themselvs without it shoving it in their faces, c’mon where’s Mare Internum Vol.1, advertise and stuff well and it’d be legend!

  • Bottas Heimfe

    LEVi’s naivete reminds me of small children… its actually kind of endearing.

    • shingworks


  • Mouse

    Hahaha omg their off to see the wizard of Mars XD

    • Ashamed Mouse

      Sorry, *They’re. It is 5am.

  • Lost Yooper

    …So LEVi is actually just Pinocchio on Mars, and a robot instead of a wooden doll?

    • Lost Yooper

      Not saying thats a bad thing! Just trying to figure out who Jimmy Cricket would be!

      • Zinc

        I’m sure Rebekah would also love to know of any crickets who might be on Mars…

  • Gimmick Account

    The Processor sounds a bit like the supposedly wish-granting entity at the end of ‘Roadside Picnic’ by the Strugatzki brothers.

    Not sure yet if that’s a good thing or not.

    • Lilacgirl8


  • scrubjay

    cries bc levi is cute and i’m love him

  • chiz

    (chaper) 4 (page) 20 BLAZE IT

  • Alan

    “A gift? You killed my pet arm shark!”

  • David

    It wasn’t clear to me- is Meek on hiatus now, or is it going on hiatus after Ch. 5? I want to know whether to keep checking Meek or whether to wait until 2018.

    • shingworks

      Probably obvious now cuz I just updated the other day, but Meek’s on hiatus after the end of Chapter 4. That will likely be in Aug since I’m trying to kill off those last 9 pages and the final scene isn’t as hard to draw as all these ones I’m stuck in now, haha.

  • If all this stuff they’ve found is simply organic machinery/computers/robots, then clearly they were designed to help or support their creators in various ways. Finding out what they were specifically designed to do may prove interesting, but the ultimate question is what happened to the creators? Was the machinery unable to prevent some kind of disaster? Or did the machinery work *too well*? ;-)

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