Chapter 4, Page 39

Sorry, this page was meant for Wednesday… you know what they say, it’s always Wednesday somewhere, ha ha*

Anyways not much to add! Just been very busy. Most of the USA Mare Internum Kickstarter orders have been shipped out, and the International orders are going out soon as well (I had to revise how I’m shipping them to make sure they arrive in good condition around the world). Pins will likely be up on Gumroad for general sale early next week.

Apologies if I’ve been slow to respond to anyone’s emails or messages, have been utterly swamped lately but am digging myself out with a spoon. I will be answering stuff tonight and there will be some Patron posts tomorrow, so stay tuned! And, another page either late tomorrow but more likely Saturday morning, since packing orders took me longer than anticipated. FINALLY gonna see that processor tho! Also, Alloy has been announcing it’s invited artists, and they’re all rad, so there’s that too (new invitee announcement tomorrow). You can still submit your pitch to that until the 27th of the month, yay.

See you soon!


*this is not what they say


  • Ma

    It’s just stunning – your artwork – this intensity! I am afraid of heights … shivering knees, when you can see the aim already and you somehow feel relieved but exhausted. Seeing the exit feeling the tension is leaving you, but that’s the last thing you need right now, course there is still some rocks you have to climb and loosing grip and tension would be fatal. Its this space in between …

  • Whachamacallit

    So this a bit of a weird question, but are the Wollaria better at climbing then humans, even in gravity that’s 1/3rd as strong? I mean, on one hand Kalla’s got arms to days, but on the other, we Terran organisms are probably pretty dense when it comes to musculature.

    • shingworks

      Not terribly better tbh, their bodies evolved to grip rock faces in tidal zones; walking was a little bit further down the line. So they can be adept at things like running, climbing, etc, but aren’t exactly strongly suited towards those things.

  • Spindizzy

    Good Googly Moogly! Is that actualy NIGHT SKY she’s seeing?

  • Inwoods

    When you said kickstarter I freaked for a sec, thinking I missed the book. When is the book coming, do you think?

    What percent through story are we right now, if you don’t mind? I feel that we are near the end…. :(

    • shingworks

      March 1! I was originally going to do Feb but a friend reminded me that Feb is Black History Month, and I thought it’d be respectful to wait and not get my streams crossed with actual black creators (vs accidentally shoehorning my way in with a fictional black character).

      And yeah, we’re near the end. We’ll be done with this chapter possibly this month or early next, then interlude, then Ch 5 and prologue. I’m thinking I’ll be doing a speed run of the final 30 pages to match the hype of the KS, so it’s possible I’ll take a month “off” in December to get a backlog fired up. It’s going to be a fun ride~

      • Android 21 3/7

        Prologue? Surely you mean epilogue?

        • shingworks

          I’m clearly not an epifessional proof reader.

          • New resumee:

            “Epifessional epiof reader.”

      • David

        Wait, there’s an opportunity to buy Mare in book form? I thought the Kickstarter was just for pins and stuff.

        • shingworks

          There will be a book Kickstarter in March 2018, and yeah the last KS was just for pins (and to keep me on my toes).

          • Inwoods

            More like keep you on your pins and needles, amirite? Eh? Ehhhh?

  • Jazzas

    Looks like she’s nearly there! She could see stars, finally.

    Wonder if she manages to find the helmet Mike left behind, and if the communication device within still works. Could be interesting to see Bex discovering what has gone by while she and Mike were down,lol (via a Rip Van Winkle effect)

    • Tim F

      Unless the caves have an airlock, the surface has to be miles above. There’s no sign than Kalla technology can mess with physics (or at least does so casually/routinely). She’s looking at bioluminescence, chemiluminescence or light bulbs.

  • ObservantWolf

    And so the survivor toiled on toward a yet unseen goal, machinery of vast power and unfathomable programming, the next step unclear but determined to reach it!

  • WisGuy

    Are those stars up ahead? And, where’s her helmet?

  • David

    Kudos to her for attempting that climb in a space suit!

  • Bradford

    Panel two is accurate, that’s how it feels, been there.

    • Fawnet

      Exactly, that “!!!” feeling of almost falling over backwards.

  • amelia

    Great update! Good to see her get up and fight her way on. And with meeting the processor soon, probably literally.

  • Tim F

    Processor: I am glad to meet you, doctor entomologist. Here is what I am, our purpose here and how everything works. Would you like a lift to the surface, or some tea first?

    Bex: …

    Processor: ha ha kidding. “You” and “Michael” walked out of the cave a week ago. The Michael clone’s shuttle should reach third planet in a third of a sun cycle, and by a few cycles we hope to suppress the natives and start terraforming.

    Bex: !

    Processor: Tea?

  • Lew

    Ninja Warrior Mars!

    Wait, are these stars? Isn’t she gonna suffocate?

  • SomeUnregPunk

    Woohoo! She’s doing it!

  • Alan

    When she finally gets there, everyone is there, siting around having tea. “We took the long, but easy way up.”

    Another piece of toast pops out of Mike, and Kalla grabs it first.

  • StClair

    Go Bex!
    Love the details of the lighting, as always.

  • TorgueRND

    As an avid caver, I have done that exact climb in the second panel many times. Reading this comic reminds me how much I love being underground.

    • shingworks

      oh man, I’m so jealous XD I’ve gone as far to research local grottoes to join but the fickle weather around here has kept me too scared to go down, haha…

      • TorgueRND

        Any caver worth their headlamp wouldn’t go down if there were even a slight chance of a flooding hazard, so consider it if you ever have some time off between drawing beautiful and amazing comics.
        …oh, right. Never consider it.

  • Ford Prefect

    “My god, it’s full of stars!”

  • awhorl

    Stars? Or bright shining creatures stuck to yet another roof? Heart twisty feeling again.

  • Amy

    I can’t see it and everyone is saying it looks so good :'(

    • shingworks

      Whoops, is back up now!

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