Chapter 5, Page 42

This is one of my favorite pages :] Had that view in mind for a long time, was nice to finally draw it out. Mike’s like, yeah, sure, I love toxic fumes

Patreon updated to page 45! Three days ahead until the end, that’s the way we do it.

The MI books are going to look so cool, I’ve never seen a book like this one and I’m really stoked. Wish I could show you all but, not yet. It’s kinda killing me haha.

Alright got nothing really to talk about at the moment so I’ll mosey on out.


  • BDLC

    Do I see Kalla in panel 3?

    • Dave Jacke

      And panel four!

      • Dave Jacke

        I meant five…

        • BDLC

          !!! I didn’t even look for her in that panel because How could she get do close and they not notice.

  • chiz

    boy, this stuff is thicc

    • shingworks

      you’ve been looking at the cover too long, lol

  • a dude

    Is it Heaven or Hell? Who cares, we’re leaving!

    • shingworks

      Just kick those pearly gates open and march out

      • a dude


  • Beautiful <3

  • This is a beautiful view!! And ARGH, I’ve deliberately not downloaded the book PDF yet because I’d rather finish it serially here, but now you said it’s beautiful and I am sorely tempted!! ;____;

  • GingerQuery


  • ikabubu

    I’m just wondering how it’s biologically possible to filter out noxious fumes out of your respiratory system from the thigh region.

    • shingworks

      yeah, me too

    • mimz

      In my head, thighfriend is a leg-gill, right? So it’s its own respiratory system – Mike’s lungs are inhaling the Bad Shit but thighfriend is gobbling it up and filtering/pumping the Good Shit/clean blood back into Mike’s leg. It’s not perfect filtration efficiency bc it doesn’t get *all* his blood, but it’s a good enough C-student system, just like most evolution.

      Either that or thighfriend has, like, tendrils that have invaded Mike’s body all the way up to his respiratory system and he’s now just as much thighfriend as he is human.

    • TheSoCalledJohn

      Maybe Mike is breathing just enough to talk, but most of the gas exchange is taken care of by Thighfriend… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Jade

    This page gives me anxiety. >.> I feel like we’re on the edge of disaster.

    • shingworks

      lol, tragically this makes me very happy

      • awhorl

        But disaster for whom?

    • brokenidealist

      Anxiety here, too, approaching dread. The previous page and this one feel a lot like pages 55 & 56 in Chapter 3.

  • Tim F

    I am gonna stand by my guess that they will make surface contact just long enough to discover that “Mike” returned to base a long time ago, took a rocket back to Earth, and has been converting our planet for the Martians ever since.

    • HKMaly

      Nah. He took a rocket back to Earth, tried to convert our planet for the Martians, people concluded he finally snapped and put him in asylum.

      • Sumgai

        And he’s been converting our asylum for the Martians ever since!

  • Ambs

    WOW Mike, his name is Thighfriend, not Mr. Thigh Filter. Rude.

    Alternatively: Mr. Flapflap <3

  • jasmine

    Yay! I discovered Meek and MI a little bit ago and have just spent most of today binge reading and I’ve finally caught up enough to post a comment!! ^_^

    I’ve enjoyed your art, love this story, the characters and the deep thought and the feels they inspire. Even reading the comments have been entertaining and very informative. Totally can’t wait to see what happens!

  • saturnflytrap

    #faithfulThidekick #flapflap

  • Lilian Stoltzfus


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