Chapter 5, Page 43


I think it’s mentioned in passing in Chapter 4, but those threads are bio-nets that hang from the ceiling and catch loose debris. The attack friends from earlier in this chapter are responsible for those, and the nets are the reason Bex survived her own fall safely. I didn’t feel like expounding on that in the text as it’s not vital to the plot but, for all you folks who demand answers there is a small answers for you.

As always, Patreon is updated 3 pages ahead… today we’re on extremely dramatic baby page 46

Been shipping out rewards from the Mare Internum Kickstarter… if you’ve been following that at all you’ll know I’m devastatingly, powerfully behind schedule, but damn don’t these rewards look nice. Check these pins out! The Kalla was from the original pin Kickstarter, and the Processor was from the book KS.

NOICE huh. Can’t beat that ridiculously cool art by Monarobot. Please note I’m about to post what is in the biz called an advertisment, a publicit√© if you will, but

I got my super fresh business cards printed at Print Peppermint, and you can too!

I’m doing that to get a discount on a future order to be completely honest but to be even more honest, I really love this printer and would recommend them for anyone who does backing cards or just wants some very fancy business cards. They have a lot of interesting options for shape and materials that I’d love to use in future projects.

Speaking of future projects, I have a sort-of-Shingworks project launching today, called Why Always Wins! I say “sort-of” because I did 90% of the art on it, and worked on the KS campaign… this comic is like most of my non-personal work, an educational comic, but it’s actually intended for adults who lead a team in a workplace or elsewhere.

I left this project before finishing the final 10% because… I wanted to focus on Mare! That was way back in July 2015, right after I finished Chapter 1 and realized people did want to read this comic. However, I’m happy with the work I did on Why Always Wins, and it is a bittersweet work as well, as it represents the last WFH comic art I have done or intend to do, sort of the fence between my old life and the new one. Anyways, our “hard launch” is at 1030a PST but if you’re reading this before, you might be able to grab the early-bird edition for 5 bux off if you’re a Shingworks completionist (or just would like to learn some new interpersonal skills for leading the teams in your life).

Finally, mega-thanks to Lowell my trusty site guy who fixed some crazy bug that was preventing me from uploading this comic. We’re going to have 3x updates this week so I’ma need my site to work, haha. See you on Weds.


  • HousePet

    Please stop worrying about being behind on the Kickstarter rewards. We don’t mind, as long as you keep going.

    We’ve probably all have had things implode on us. (*pokes wreckage of a PhD project started in 2015* Actually the parallels between what happened with that and what I’ve seen with your Mare Internum Kickstarter seem quite strong, though with totally different circumstances. So I’m guessing this is just how life works.) So we understand and are happy that you didn’t give up entirely.

    • shingworks

      Well, some people do mind, and rightfully so. I am very grateful that you don’t, however! People have on the whole given me a lot of leeway to work through my unfortunately timed personal issues, but it doesn’t hurt to continue to communicate how thankful I am for the overall permissability of my readers and also how cool and handsome they are in general.

  • LeDayz

    I got my Processor pin in the mail and immediately put it next to my Kalla pin too. So lovely! :-)

    • shingworks

      :’] It’s always so good to hear that things arrive safely! Congrats on having both bigfriends!

  • gon

    Kallakore visited the processor? :O


    That or her hair is all braided pretty and she’s giving a hail mary wedding proposal to keep Mike around.

    I choose to believe that for a few days

  • Fik of the borg

    Is that Kalla on the left on the big panel?
    She also seems to be far away in the tall panel on p42, and very far away and on p41.
    If so, she appears to be getting closer to Bex and Mike and they do not seem to have noticed her. I wonder if she intends to prevent them to leave.

  • Richard Walker

    Uh…Mike, Bex? You might want to look behind you.

    I don’t think that’s Kallakore in the third panel.

  • jasmine

    Aww Kalla, you being so ominous is breaking my heart! I can’t tell if she’s hanging back because she sad and thinks she really won’t be able to leave with them, or she’s planning something….are you even Kalla??

    • shingworks

      wah, this comment makes me sad. Yeah it’s unclear~

      • jasmine

        Aww, I didn’t mean to make you sad. I’m just getting into the suspense ^_^

  • Wong Zhou

    “Who is this? How did you get on this channel?”
    — The Processor

    Just a feelin

  • Alan

    To quote the band Chilliwack: “She been gone gone gone so long”.

  • mims

    I am unclear if there was intention behind the fact that the dialogue box border in the last panel is the same color blue as maybe-Kalla’s eyes are glowing in panel 3, but I can’t wait to find out!

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