Chapter 5, Page 44


Shout-out to all the people who saw Kalla lurking in the bg. You win… a bodyslam!

This set of pages is pretty gud if u ask me, you can read the next 3 pages up to page 47 at ye olde Patreon.

The KS I mentioned in the previous post has already funded, thanks to a bunch of names I recognized in the backer list :] I’ll be promo-ing it here intermittently because, ya know, that’s what ya do. You can continue to check out the project (and my wildly corporate, non-Mars-style comic art) here:


  • MGin

    Gotta love Mike’s expression in the first panel even though you can barely see his face :)

  • Jair Trejo

    At first glance I thought it was Levi that got thrown! Thanks for drawing him safe and sound in that last panel.

    • JepMZ

      I’m afraid he got knocked off as well. We are seeing the belly side of him which means he must still be flinging thru the air and hasn’t hit the ground yet

  • Sam

    Eeeeshh no, Kalla my girl, I’m so worried about you

    But I love what you’ve done with your hair

    • Ceceoh

      Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that during this intense action scene I’m thinking “How did she do her hair? With her front arms of her back arms?”

  • Mr. Casual

    Damn. I don’t want Kalla to be an antagonist. :( I want happy things for her.

  • brokenidealist

    There it is, what I was dreading! Although I was sort of imagining Kalla with Bex’s ax-tool and a swing toward the head.

    What I am really worried about is that, given we see Kalla looking down from atop the waterfall and possibly in the water,… that is less Kalla in that body and more Processor programming running her form. Kalla? Are you in there? Is this you acting?

    Oh yeah, I also love what you (or the Processor?) did with your hair!

    • Kent

      The Kalla you knew is gone

  • Indedipal

    This page gives me so much anxiety. -_-

    Also, nice to see Kallacore had time to come up with a new ‘do while she was plotting murder…

  • RichWalk9891

    Mike…I don’t think this is Kalla anymore.

    I have a feeling that the Processor did something to her when she vanished while Mike and Bex were arguing in the caves.

  • chnapy

    Attacking the heroes next to a magma field, when one of them has earlier said he could probably lift you?

    Come on Kalla, at this point you’re just asking to get gollumed.

    • chnapy

      Oh wait, that’s one of these things she doesn’t remember…

      Well, let’s hope for no golluming anyway.

  • ::c

    kalla noooooooo….

  • Saberbeam

    Well now I’m just picturing Kalla calling her attacks. “Kalla body slam!!!” … this is a good thing, thanks Der-shing!

    • JJ

      panel one, lower left: sneak snap

      • Saberbeam

        Yes! :D

        Or “Kalla uses Knock Off! Foe Bex’s Radio was dropped.”

  • evileeyore

    I think the changes in Kala’s hair denote more than just passage of time, or scene change. Each one has been different in personality. And I’m not sure they are all “Kala”.

  • Alan

    The sanity of million year old Wollarians is questionable. I think that is Kalla doing that.

    I bet the processor told her that if she kills Bex, Mike will stay. Not that I think he can leave.

    This ends in horror for all concerned.

  • Alan

    Has anyone mentioned that Kalla is like Bex? She’s driven and selfish in the same way.

  • michikeen

    I probably should not have re-read the whole comic while at work (but I did).

    • shingworks

      Sounds like you made the right choice

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