Chapter 5, Page 62

Blue Prokalla: can you please take this seriously

Blue Michael: mm no

Patreon is getting getting 2x a day Meek updates this week! Pages 21 & 22 went up yesterday and 23 & 24 went up a few mins ago. Probably going to keep up with the 2x a week updates, and then move on to thumbnailing minicomics after Ch6 is done. I have one I still need to finish about LEVi’s new-ish organic lifestyle, and Dec seems like a good time to hit that.

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  • Oh, I bet you say that to all the captive aliens that evolved from your trash bin.

  • Arianwen

    aaaa that smile *cries into pillow at 2:30 a.m.*

  • don’t worry, be happy

  • Nik

    wait he already died?

    • shingworks

      Mike’s bubbles are the white ones, he’s talking to Kalla/ Processor

      • Biev

        I think that would be more obvious if the “I don’t know” and the “I’ve never died before” were both in the same panel. I was confused too at first.

      • Nik

        Ah, got it, thanks! I think I read “I’ve never died before” as his because the bubble is near his head and he’s the only one in the panel. The coloration didn’t even register.

  • Charlesw81

    I love how Mike just comes across as being completely at peace.

    He’s adrift with a friend

    • jasmine

      Our Mike’s come a long way throughout the course of this whole thing. I like how he seems at peace now, despite the Processor razzing him earlier about his shortcomings; now the Processor is the one who seems unsure.

  • Philosopher'sPotato

    I guess i have never commented since I started reading, but OMG THAT SMILE, I’M SO SOFT

  • Kuggur

    This is quite a strange turn of events ( which is quite a statement considering what has gone on so far….).
    I mean the processor does not seem to know what is going on at the moment. That is pretty weird…

    • ikabubu

      I’m pretty sure the processor knows where, when they are during this conversation. My guess is: this isn’t real space, but rather two reconstructed AIs conversing in organic-data “soup matrix”.

      The Processor is uncertain in particular to the fact that Mike has shaken its own raison d’etre. By convincing it that there’s more to life than following a preservation directive, Mike has also asked the Processor to embrace an uncertain and undetermined future. I’m assuming that’s the confusion you’re alluding towards.

      Otherwise, the Processor’s concept of “death” could be seen as confusing due to possible open interpretations. Death of the old self, as in a “baptism” (heh, water, get it?). Death in the face of the unknown, as in the Processor truly accepting, facing, and fearing an unknown future. Or death, quite actually, if it takes Mike’s viewpoint too an extreme and shuts down the sea, by finally embracing mortality instead of a simulacrum of life. We shall see.

      • Inwoods

        That interpretation helps me to make a slight amount of sense out of the ending we see so far. Processor dashes out over lava at unknown expense, but succeeds in backing up Mike (mind and body). Originals are destroyed and this is them talking about their future.

  • Santa

    I may be stretching it, but maybe the heat of the volcano evaporated the data in Mike and Kalla’s bodies, and this is what happens to their data as a result…? Maybe the fact the processor also “died” was because it was possessing Kalla’s body.

    I mean, this is probably not the case; the little stars/water droplets in the background just sparked the thought. It is interesting that Prokalla seems confused, though…

  • JJ

    Initially I also thought the processor said that this was their first experience of death. But what if that’s more the Kalla part speaking? This probably currently is the only death experience the processor hasn’t purged from her memory. She had no recollection of any of her previous deaths – she said so quite outright.

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