Chapter 5, Page 63

Well, this seems to be a new experience for one of them at least~

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  • “Well, maybe. Let’s go and see”

    • ghostwhitehorse

      “Let’s go exploring”

      • JJ

        They only just went exploding.

  • Mr. Casual

    I’m slightly lost, here. This read like the Processor reached out to “catch” Mike and Kalla-drone with the water, like it knew what it was doing. And yet here it seems like this is entirely new.

    Or is this supposed to be more the “Kalla” side of the equation expressing confusion? It’s hard to tell where Processor ends and Kalla begins, heh.

    • Nyzer

      The processor, and perhaps the original Kalla, seemed to have decided not to have Kalla actually accumulate billions of years worth of memories, probably due to biological and psychological limits. Billions of years of existing alone in the same isolated chamber would have driven Kalla insane.

      As a result, it seems that the processor has never given this kind of experience to Kalla, which seems to be consciousness without a body. At least, not that the current copy has been aware of.

      Mike, obviously, has never experienced it before either.

      That’s what’s so new about it to them.

      This process isn’t new to the Processor. No, what’s new to it is the idea of allowing Kalla to leave, which will take her away from the Processor’s safe haven, without just making a new copy to exist in eternal isolated misery. The Processor is processing the idea of allowing Kalla to truly live… and to truly die.

      It considers this idea to be comparable to a failure. Its whole duty was to keep Kalla alive.

      It believed that keeping the repeating echo of Kalla going was better than just letting her die. It executed this task for billions of years, watching copy after copy languish and die just to be reborn again.

      Adding Levi, Mike, and Bex to the network was a very appealing option as a result – fellow sentient creatures to provide companionship for Kalla would drastically improve her quality of life in future echoes. But it would still be isolation.

      Mike’s final words to the Processor in his last seconds of life actually convinced it to listen, to seriously consider the appeal of freedom to live vs. an imperfect form of immortality.

      • VeryAngryDeer

        In the words of Captain B. McCrea:
        “I don’t WANT to survive. I wanna live!”

        • HKMaly

          In words of Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One: “Survival is insufficient”

  • msouth

    “Hopefully a page 64, at least!”

    • JepMZ

      Maybe Shrip “hacked” the mare ocean?

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