Chapter 5, Page 66

It’s not all oceans

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  • LeDayz

    I- I’m not crying!

  • mimzee

    I’m embarrassed to admit that, a lot like when I watched the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I have no idea what the hap is fuckening at the end of this comic. Nothing wrong with the comic, I don’t think I’m capable of thinking beyond literal levels of meaning. Oh well.

    However, it’s still beautiful and moving to see Michael’s story come to end like this, much more at peace than he was at the beginning, and I’m so happy to see the conclusion of the story, and so sad it’s going to end. It’s been a wonderful, wild ride with you Der-Shing, and all of the peanut gallery in this here comments section. Thrip forever!

    • Max

      Same. I’m sure it’s deeply meaningful and beautiful, but ultimately I haven’t the faintest clue what’s _actually_ going on.

      • JJ

        My reading of the last couple of pages is that it follows the backup copy of Mike, Kalla and the processor into the neural sea. Which is kind of a virtual mindscape. So the mind and memories of Mike (up to the fall) are in there, forming an active consciousness. Which is able to chat away with the processor/Kalla – who seem to be kinda fused after a couple billion years.
        Anyway, since the last pages happen in a “virtual reality”, I interpret the images from the last two pages as what the processor pictures in his mind, which Mike can perceive because he’s also floating in the mind-soup. And now he shares something from his own mind.

        • Frank Hruby

          Wow JJ

          that is how I read it, but I could not have verbalized it so well.

      • shingworks

        lol, this part is meant to be a little nebulous. What is going on in a straightforward sense is likely more understandable upon reread.

    • Hannah

      I think a lot of it can come from the fact that each page is still updating every couple days – and so you can lose your train of thought on what’s currently happening. I plan on going back and re-reading the last several pages all together once the scene has completed.

      • shingworks

        Haha, yeah, it obviously looks a lot different to me since I’ve been staring at this batch of pages for months XD It is probably a lot harder to read when paced this way.

    • Tim F

      All of this is happening in about a half second since the ‘big wave’ caught Mike and updated his brain image. You are watching in verrry slo-mo as he falls (for about four pages), hits bottom, and (in this page) sets off a lava eruption that sends the cave roof into low Mars orbit. At the same time he ‘feels’ himself falling his mund is in the CPU, so they can have a conversation at super speed.

    • Hima

      I read this page as a memory of Mike’s during which he and a good friend escaped (temporarily) all their troubles by successfully following their dreams, having awesome careers, and escaping earth on a rocket together (meaning they got a job on Mars). Which is AWESOME!!
      This IS an awesome page. There is something cathartic about seeing this rocket and the stars in Mike’s eyes and him holding hands with this unknown person…
      What I simply would have liked more is more backstory for Mike. Who is this friend? Did they die? Why were THEY miserable? How did they die? Did their death contribute to Mike cutting off his meds? He said he did it because he was happy and wanted to be happy without meds but maybe I mis-remember.
      Also I’d love to have more information about what happened with Mike’s shitty uncle and why Mike’s nose is so pointy at times but anyway.
      Shing, if you can answer any of the above questions I’d be super happy :-)

      • CJG

        Whelp, in Levi’s “backslash” there is a second person, and the first chapter mentions a “Dr. Braid” who maybe/probably died?
        Could be that person.

      • shingworks

        The actual friend in this scene isn’t important, but if it matters it’s Dr. Braid (who is not dead- just left for a different position and never appears in the comic except once here). As far as the sentiment goes, the hand that reaches out to comfort and connect with you could belong to anyone.

  • eee


  • Ben

    ……it’s full of stars!

    • shingworks

      my god!

      • Pylgrim

        They should have sent a poet.

        • itkovian

          No words…

    • Meran

      In response to “it’s full of stars!” post above: you made me think of a tv show, Lodge 49, one of my very favorite shows. If you like to think of the mysteries that surround us all the time (we just need to see differently than with our “every day” gaze), you’ll enjoy that show! And like this lovely piece of work, you pick up much more on a rewatch.

      • Ben

        … which is an interesting response, referencing a show I’ve never heard of, so to declare my own references (here and below)
        – “it’s full of stars” is from “2001 A Space Odyssey”, as David Bowman approaches the Star Gate and begins his transformation
        – “Bex as Ismael” is from “Moby Dick”, in which Ishmael is the sole survivor of the Pequod, and the narrator of the story (including elements he could have had no possible knowledge of). Ishmael is in turn a reference to a minor character in the Bible (Book of Job) who is the sole survivor, and hence witness, of tragic events

  • Charlesw81

    Kalla is on board

    Trying to tell if this is completely dream and the rumbling is the volcano erupting beneath them or if Mike and the processor have really formed a rocket like the Sunflower and are about to break through and take off to the stars.

    …Sequel: Stella Externum

    • Anemone

      Hmm, for an ending we have waited 3+ years for, it sures seems a bit anemic

      • shingworks

        It’s impossible for any ending to be a direct hit with every reader, but this one fulfills my original intention for the story~

      • Rob W

        @Anemone do you feel cool posting comments like that? ’cause you just sound like a tool.

        • shingworks

          haha, it’s okay. The discussion area isn’t just for expressing favorable comments, that would be kinda boring. As long as nothing is bullying towards myself or other readers, or hatespeech or whatever, it’s allowed.

  • Charlesw81

    Just wondering but will this chapter be split or is it just a long and whole finish? I could see it splitting either when Mike falls asleep or they leave the cave. Heck, I could see this as an epilogue from the point the water catches them… but it does work as a whole chapter called Devotion as well so ‍♂️

    • shingworks

      This is all chapter 5, which has 1 more page. Which is very important and necessary because otherwise this book would end on page 69 and that is not allowed.

  • Kalla is separating from the Processor ?

  • stars

    legit sobbed for 5 minutes after I read this. thank you for pouring yourself into making this all these years.

  • PJF

    I wonder if Mike died on page 3 and the rest has been a Jacob’s Ladder scenario.

    • PJF

      And by “page 3” I mean page 3 of the Intro chapter.

    • shingworks

      I love Jacob’s Ladder but I would never do that to you guys, haha

  • Ben

    Right now, my reading of this is that Mike is Dr Bowman, and Bex is Ishmael.

  • Loxmyth

    I *think* I understand what’s going on, but I’m far from certain. Hopefully it will be nailed down (and/or explained for those still confused) before the project ends.

    (Long time reader, though I rarely comment. MI has been one of my “don’t want to miss the next installment” comics; thanks again for all the hard work you’ve put into this. Haven’t ordered the book yet, but I definitely should.)

    • shingworks

      Aw, that’s nice to hear. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the comic, and thank you for reading it :]

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