Chapter 5, Page 65

We’ve been here before.

(we have?)

Meek Patreon comics are updated with 31+32, and 33+34 today, and we’re on schedule to finish the chapter by next week. Probably the same day as MI ends, so that’s neat. All $2+ Patrons can also now join us on the secret Discord, a small crab hole on the internet. I’m already mad at SOME of the members, lol

And, a plug for today! Since the internet will be down one active sci-fi webcomic… Oxide is looking very interesting to me so far. I was immediately intrigued by the main character, but then secondarily by the rest of the terrific detailing and environment art. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

As usual, MI softcover preorders are here, limited sale of hardcovers and other MI stuff goes up the week of Nov 25~ Will also put up the PDFs for sale again, in case the site ever has to come down, you’ll at least be able to grab a permanent digital copy now that I’m nearly through posting here.

4 pages left!


  • Shihchuan

    It’s been a long time and my memory might be rusty…but is this the first time we ever see Mike has such a genuine, wholesome smile? It’s heartwarming.

    • Yago Lanza


    • shingworks

      Probably this flashback is the closest, but nothing from the present.

  • CJG

    * bawls uncontrollably *

  • Ara

    This is the first time I have commented since I started reading this comic a long time ago, and I am amazed at how things are just really coming back around full circle. It is crazy to go back to chapter 3 and see how it connects.

    • CJG

      I’m just now seeing everyone calling our main characters selfish :/
      I need to retake Highschool English. References and foreshadowing going right over my head!

    • Stone

      I was just thinking about how the blue palette of this scene is like the lighting on page 1 when we first meet Mike.

  • Hilen

    Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss…! (Sorry, with that last face I couldn’t help it…)

    • CJG

      Same. :D

  • Dew

    Man, that smile…

  • Sam

    Remember the baby from the Nirvana album cover? He’s all grown up and you’ll NEVER believe what he looks like today

    Seriously this is a gorgeous page, so bittersweet to watch this story close.

  • Herp McDerp

    Like everyone else, I *love* the expression on Mike’s face.

    Is his last name “Fisher” for any particular reason involving oceans?

    • shingworks

      Sort of, but also a play off the concept of the Fisher King.

      • improbablybasil

        Ah, now understand why his femur was the injury he sustained. And perhaps the further metaphors therefrom.?
        It *has* been a ride and a half; more layers each time you look.

  • zz

    Awww sweet babies ;0;

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