Intro, Page 3

Goddamn it Greg…

Factoid: with partial suspension, you pass out after 5- 13 seconds of pressure on the jugular and/or carotid. You only need around 5kg of pressure to achieve this. Even on a planet with 0.38 Earth gravity, that’s not a lot of room for messing around…!

One other nice piece of news, the comic is now being translated into Russian by Duke (beating all previous records for something I made being translated into Russian (or anything else)). I will find a better place to put this link soon but for now, read the RU version here!

See you next Monday for another another fabulous 3 update-week :D


  • silvermender


    • Arianwen

      I KNOOOW

  • Enrique262

    So far so good, let’s hope this one doesn’t share the fate of The Meek.

  • gotlandskorv

    Miiiiike : S From the first page I briefly theorized that he would really go through with it and that the bulk of the story then would be about what led up to this event. Things are looking slightly brighter now though.

    • shingworks

      Page 4: asteroid hits, comic is over

  • Ceceoh

    This is a happy day. I’m spreading the word that you’re back!

  • It’s taken me to just now to realize that was the bed in panel one, and not some random pool of water. I thought maybe it was a metaphor for impending doom/drowning? The little splash blobs helped that.

  • Ooh and here you answer my questions about weight and constriction. Shouldn’t have doubted you!

  • doodles

    When I first read this page and the following one, it took a lot of re-reads for me to figure out that Mike’s device is *receiving* rather than accidentally making a call here. This is mainly because I assumed that nobody would say “Cancel call” unless it was a call that they (or their device) were actually making. Instead, they might say “End call” or “Disengage” or something.

    Or is that a thing people say all the time and it’s just me??
    Just decided to comment because it confused the heck out of me for a good while! Cheers.

    • shingworks

      Hm, good point! I don’t remember what I was thinking at the time (probably trying to transition from the choking noises to a similar hoarse-sounding word). Might revisit this later, thanks for the thoughts!

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    oop, i guess things aren’t going as planned ;;

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