Chapter 5, Page 64

Why bother to move forward, when you can’t imagine a future?

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  • Charlesw81

    No one can see or predict the future. Seeing it is little more than wishful thinking and thoughts. If we saw it accurately there would be far less reason to live when we know all which will transpire… knowing the future and dying are really the only true ways to ensure you have nothing to look forward to

  • Monk

    Sic transit gloria mundi. But it is still hard to let go of the world you knew. Even if there is the possibility of a new world.

    It is really nice to see Mike helping someone else with processing loss like he was helped too by Thrip and Bex.

    Again a fall. But perhaps this time not towards the abyss, but towards a new light. I, too, am looking forward to what we will see at the next page.

    • Monk

      Also interesting that the eruption of the volcano looks like dawn here.

  • BittyBeans

    I have been following this comic for a long time now and I every minute of it. It’s something to read over and over with how many messages it holds, with how many poignant scenes it has. I rarely commented before but I just wanted to express how much I love this comic and how much I admire all the hard work and effort you have put into it.
    Thanks, Shing.

  • going by ProCall, the magic water is weak to sunlight… or probably the radiations that come with it ? It destroys the data inside ?

  • Keith

    Why bother? To see what happens next of course. The best part is you don’t know! It could be anything.

    • St. Clair

      “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

  • TinyBirb

    Hullo! Is there ever going to be an option to ship the softcover book to Mexico? Gumroad doesn’t have an option to select my country, apparently. :c

    • shingworks

      Yes, definitely! I have to wait until next year since international shipping prices will be changing in a way that’s a bit different than the way I ship domestic orders, and I didn’t want to open myself up to some problems by putting down an incorrect shipping price or something… once I’m done shipping Kickstarter orders in Feb, after the postage changes take effect, I’ll be opening shipping up to all countries.

  • yes

    I love that there’s a robot that he built and a robot that Kalla built, and both robots have been working to save the person who built them, and yeah… it’s just great in genearl.

    • Monk

      Oh, thanks for pointing out that parallell! Didn’t notice that.

  • Snail

    I come back and re-read this specific page every now and then. Something about the processor/Kayla’s helpless desperation gets me. Idk, it’s just something as old as life: dying, and railing against it. You capture it so well, make it recognizable in even the most alien thing.

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